Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daddy's HOME!!!

Some pictures from our first week back together again!

 Caleb the sword swallower!

 Watching Backyardigans together before bedtime :)

 Eatin some yummy donuts

 Nom Nom

 This is his new "cheese" face

 Om...he likes to ride the tractor backwards...
 Our new friend "pup pup" from next door


fancypants said...

I love reading about homecomings! They are the best part of military life. You have a beautiful family! Very happy for you...

Lisa and Josh said...

YAY...so happy to hear he is home safe! :-)

Goodnight moon said...

Yah!!!! Congrats! Isn't that the most magical moment ever! I'm so glad he is safe and back in your arms again! I love homecomings! And your little guy is too cute! And you my dear are beautiful!

I found you through the milspouse weekly roundup! Look forward to reading more!