Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keeping Busy

I am linking up with Amanda from Serenity Now.  Feel free to take a look at her blog and link up as well!
Amanda's theme today is fun summer activities that won't ruin your budget (I may have paraphrased that!)
Caleb and I have been taking advantage of some fun summer things that we can both do together.  I try to look for inexpensive activities that Caleb would enjoy.  So far here are a few things we enjoy doing:

Story/Playtime at the local library.  They have a really fun story and song time and then the kids are allowed to play with the puppets and instruments for a while.  Caleb really did not want to leave today!  The best part: Caleb has fun and it is FREE!

We also like to visit Barnes and Nobles and play with the trains (I grab a couple of magazines and a cup of coffee!)  Caleb has fun, I have fun and it only costs $1.70 for my coffee :-)

We also LOVE the pool!  Both of us :-)  There is an awesome pool here where we live.  It has the waterfall mushrooms, water slides, little mini water fountains for the babies and it is a beach entry pool, so that means Caleb gets to walk around and splash and I can sit in the water with him and stay cool.  Plus they have the best fountain drinks in the world...or maybe I just get really hot and thirsty while we are there.  Price tag: $4 for the both of us!

Caleb likes to play for a while in the pool and then he likes to get out and eat a snack while reading a book.  They have ginormous shade umbrellas that we sit under.  So far Caleb has met 4 friends, all of them are girls and 3 of them were 8 years old...haha.
We also have fun going for walks after the sun starts to go down and Caleb likes to "help" me water the plants and pull weeds...all of which are completely free!
What do you do for fun in the summertime with your family?  Any ideas for the rest of us?


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Okay, his pool pictures are too cute!!! Thanks so much for linking up with me today. :)

McMel said...

cute pictures! i'm over here via emmypie lovely. i had actually scrolled through your blog before- very cute. i came back though b\c i saw on twitter that southern living magazine is looking for a southern blogger mom to blog about being in a military family. i'm just not sure if you're in the south!

they're @Southern_Living