Friday, July 9, 2010

I can think of an occasion

For just about every article of clothing, I can think of somewhere I would potentially need to wear it...and we must always be prepared for the unexpected, right?

For when you want to be dainty:

For when you are 16 weeks pregnant and your baby bump can be mistaken for a "pooch":

For when you need to be Catherine Zeta Jones' friend in The Mask of Zorro :

For when you just can't make up your mind

For when you want to go for a dip:

For when you would rather sit in the shade and watch other people go for a dip:

For when you get the goosebumps:

For when you're in love love love:

For when you go sailing:

For when you should go back in and change:

Make sure you dress appropriately and happy weekend! hehehe


The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

I have to buy that blue sweater!

Vanessa said...

Love LOVE LOVE!! The blue sweater :) Happy weekend. ~Vanessa :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Hahaha so funny! I love most of this!

{Amanda} said...

Oooh, I really love the one for being in love & the one for going sailing! ♥

Kristan said...

I meant to tell you this the other day after the experience, but remember your post on how to wear a maxi dress? Well I was catering a wedding the other day and a lady wearing one was stepping all over the tail of the dress. It looked ridiculous. I did not have my camera-- I actually looked b/c I was going to take a picture for you.