Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Right Hand

I like to joke with Seth a lot about when he is going to buy me my right hand ring...but really I guess it isn't joking because what girl in her right mind would turn down a right hand diamond ring?  I may never get another diamond, and that would be just fine because I do love the diamond I already have, but just in case the opportunity presents itself, I need to be ready!  Here are some I would not be disappointed to show off :)


JG said...

:) I like looking at potential right hand rings, too. Those are all gorgeous!

Brandi Evans said...

i LOVE right hand rings... My hubby bought me one for Christmas in 2008. It is a Past, Present and Future ring... it is engraved past present, future inside the band and has 2 diamonds in it... <3 it