Monday, February 15, 2010

Time Out

Hello all you beautiful people!
I had to check in with you guys to let you know that you won't see much of me for a few more days.  I am taking a "deployment" break by spending every moment with my hubby before he leaves.... :-(  Obviously we are both very sad about this time in our lives but we are praying that God will help us be able to look at it as positively as we can.  I can honestly say that we are both truly enjoying these last few days together.  The day he leaves will be the hardest, but until then we are cherishing each moment we have.
We aren't the first couple to have to do this and we surely aren't the last!

But don't be too sad... I will be back soon with a reallllly cute giveaway :)

Love you all,


The Mrs. in Stilettos said...

I'll be thinking about you! Enjoy your time together and be sure to take lots of pictures together!

JG said...

Wow, didn't realize it was so close. Praying that you guys make the absolute most out of every moment!! :)

Aimee Mayer said...

Go right ahead! I wouldn't be upset if you took a few days beyond to get used to him being gone, though I would fully understand if you couldn't stop posting, either. :) *hugs* enjoy that time (and lovin'!!!) with Seth, and don't mind us!

Robin said...

Aww I will be thinking about you guys! Hugs! Its hard but you will get through it. Just keep your self busy and the time will fly. I feel like Paul left last week but its almost been two months already!

Kristan said...

I'll pray for you guys-- for his quick and safe return! God speed Hubby and thanks to you both!

Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs and love hon! :) I completely understand the "break". If you need anything, let me know, and I will help as much as I can! Enjoy your time with the family and we will see you when you get back!