Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coffee, Cookies, Tshirts and Paula Deen!

I am a blogging machine lately.  When Seth comes home from work, I put all my crafting things away and I spend the evening with him.  Since he hasn't been here this week, my crafting day doesn't end at 5:30, so I have been crafting up a storm and really enjoying blogging about it.  Today I did a few things.  First, I stayed up late last night making some baby etsy shop items.  My new favorite is a JCrew inspired tshirt for a baby. 

I am a sucker for animal print.  I hope I don't take it overboard to the "gaudy" side one of these days!

The next thing I did was revamp some of Calebs pants.  I got him a Dwell Studio penguin onesie that I adore.  He had some blue pants that matched it perfectly but they were too short.  So, I chopped the sleeves off of an old t-shirt and attached them to the bottom of Caleb's highwaters.  They work perfectly and now I don't have to buy him new blue pants here at the end of winter (we are in Georgia, so we have about a month in a half left of "cold" weather down here).

Then, I made myself an iced vanilla latte.  I mixed cold coffee, half and half, vanilla extract, splenda, ice and whipped cream on the top :)  If I wasn't careful, I could spend a lot of money at Starbucks so I try and come up with home coffee recipes when I can.  Thats about $3.50 saved :)

Next, I made cookies (and layered taco dip) for the knitting party I am going to tonight, at my friend Sarah's!  I am so excited about it.  Plus, one of the other girls that is coming has a little boy close to Caleb's age, so Caleb gets to have some fun while I have a mama craft night.
Speaking of Sarah, don't forget to enter the giveaway she is sponsoring!
And btw, this is an Arthur Court dish that I love.  We got it for a wedding present, but I have always felt bad about this gift because the note saying who it was from wasn't in the box so I never was able to write a thank you note to the person who gave this to us.  If by chance you are reading this and you gave it us, please let me know- and THANK YOU!

Okay, the next pictures are Caleb's first experience with chocolate cheerios.  He liked them, just maybe a little too much. 


Finally, if you will remember this post, we LOVE Savannah Georgia!  It just so happens that Seth is training near Savannah this week and has the weekend off.  Sooo, that means Caleb and I are packing up the car and driving to Savannah tomorrow.  And you better believe we will be eating at The Lady and Sons (Paula Deens restaurant)!

Finally Finally, all of those who guessed that I was 5'9" were right!  I'm a tall gal :)
Have a happy Thursday YALL (practicing in case I run into Paula Deen herself)!


robin said...

what a cute baby tee..not to gaudy at all..and the iced coffee sure looked good (gotta try that) Take some pics while your in Savannah..and you might just run into Paula or at least one of her sons..I'm sure one of them makes there rounds thru that restaurant..Have fun

JG said...

That iced coffee sounds great! I'd do that myself, but right now my only trips out of the house are to the coffee shop, and $4 every other day or so is a small price to pay for my sanity! Maybe once I move back into my own place I can be more, how backwards does that sound? I love that serving dish, too! Very cute!

TRush said...

Cute idea on the baby pants! Little too gaudy on the shirt. . .sorry.

What did you think of Paula Deen's restaurant?