Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sick Week

Sorry for the lack and non-creativity of the blog posts lately.  Caleb and I have been under the weather.  Caleb started last weekend with a cold of some sorts and it lasted from Saturday to Tuesday, he still has a stuffy nose.  Then, Wednesday I went to my aerobics class and when I got home, I felt awful.  I blamed it on the class being a little more intense that day.  Thursday I woke up and Ijust wanted to go back to sleep, but of course with a 10 month old, that wasn't happening.  Caleb was really good.  I made a bed on the couch and he stayed in his exersaucer for an entire hour playing and watching Little Bill.  It was nice to relax but what I really wanted to do was go to sleep.  I finally laid Caleb down for his nap and I went to take mine as well.  I was in and out of sleep for an hour when I realized that Caleb was still refusing to take his nap.  Long story short, my husband came home at 5 and took Caleb to Walmart so they could get me some soup and crackers.  I was able to take a wondrous nap all by myself.  Yesterday was no better, which really stinks because Seth has a 4 day weekend. We had made plans to spend the entire day touring the Infantry museum and walking around the riverwalk downtown.  It was a beautiful day in  the 60's! Me and my sickness ruined it though :(  Seth let me sleep all morning and into the afternoon.  I have never slept so much when I was sick, but that seems to be all I can do.  I have every symptom of the flu, with no temperature (thank you Jesus).  I took oscillococcinum and I have been feeling much better.  I have an awful cough and I just woke up from a nap... but I am feeling a million times better and so is Caleb.  I hope none of you are under the weather today, and if you are make sure to get some oscillococcinum- it is competely and utterly wonderful!!!  I promise more "good" posts will be headed your way soon :)



Ive been praying for you...get back to yourself soon! Love you!

handmade charlotte said...

I love valentines day! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I am getting ready! Thank you for the post!