Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I enjoy eating...

1.  Ice Cream- specifically Blue Bell and Breyers comes in at a close second!
2.  I love pizza with bacon on it and extra cheese.  I also love mushrooms- but Seth doesn't like that and I don't like onions like he does, so we usually just get green peppers because we can both agree on that topping :)
3.  I often have a snack of crackers, port wine cheese and a few dried apricots
4. 6 out of 7 mornings I have two slices of whole wheat bread with butter on them
5. I love peppermint mocha creamer for my coffee... loooove it
6. My mom makes a talicious lemon chicken
7. I make good spaghetti ;)
8. Chocolate chip cookies and brownies with chocolate icing
9. Mandarine oranges
10. Baked potato soup from Panera
11. Spinach salad with bacon bits, cheese and ranch
12. Any crunchy apple
13. Seedless grapes
14. Asparagas that has been cooked in a pan with butter, salt and pepper
15. Peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches
16. Cucumber, cream cheese and sprout sandwiches
17. Milkshakes (but NOT banana malt flavor- been there, done that!)
18.  My grandmothers waffles and maple syrup
19. My great aunt's banana pudding and chocolate pie
20. My nanny's coconut cream cake
21. My mother in laws roast, rice and gravy
22. I like most any kind of soup, except tomato
23. Turtle cheesecake
24. Sugar free pudding on nights when I don't let myself have ice cream!
25. Graham crackers dipped in milk :)
26. Rib eye steak with the fat (I know, gross right? WRONG!)
27. Anything straight off a grill (even a banana)!
28. Shrimp!!!
29. Beef Jerky
30. Fresh pineapple
31. Sour gummy worms
32. Red Swedish Fish- ta lish
33. Sweet Tea with mint (I guess I drink that one though!)

What do you guys like to eat?

*There are still two more days to enter the current giveaway!  Remember that Christmas giving is just around the corner :)


JG said...

Oh nice. :) Love food blogs. Right now I'm loving eating my white cheese dip, since I made some tonight. :)

aubrey said...

yum...that made my stomach growl;)

I love the Courage pic you posted too! We're blessed to have married men of honour and courage.

Have a great weekend!