Friday, November 20, 2009

Lots of remembers

1.  Don't forget to enter the Christmas giveaway!  I (aka will be choosing a winner tonight, so hurry and comment!!!

2.  My hair poll is stuck at a tie between long and short.  There is only one day left for that, so will somebody please break the tie???  I am getting my hair cut in the morning!!!

3.  We are heading to Kosair Childrens Hospital today to get some swallowing tests done on Caleb.  He dropped from the 50% at his 6 month check up to the 10% at his 9 month one.  He is thriving on breastfeeding alone because he has a terrible gag reflex that ends up in him throwing up sometimes too!  I think he is just being picky and preferring to nurse instead of eat- but we are going to have the tests done just to make sure that nothing is wrong internally.  Anyone else ever had this issue? I am up for any and all advice.  I planned on nursing him till he was 12 months- but if he still isn't eating any food I can't very well wean him.  Help??? And please pray that nothing is wrong.


JG said...


Aimee Mayer said...

2. Go for medium.

3. Kira's baby ended up having severe reflux and allergies to a lot of food, so maybe Caleb is dealing with the same thing? Hope it all turns out well!

The Wades said...

Just remember that eating real food is something Caleb has never done before, so he will NOT like it at first. Also, he is not only nursing but using you as a pacifier too! One thing I have learned: when they get hungry enough, they will eat! It may be tough at first, but if the doc says there is nothing wrong as far as reflux goes, then he should be eating, whether he likes it or not, haha! Just keep it all in perspective, and don't worry, he wont starve, just give him no other option but to eat...and he will! :) Hope this helps!