Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Winter Baby

Granted, they aren't cheap but they sure are cute!  My favorite on Caleb right now are cute, one piece outfits.  They are so easy for diaper changes and I think they are much more comfy than a stiff pair of jeans. These are my top picks for my lil Calebs winter wardrobe. 

Baby Boy Winter Picks

Items in this set:
GAP, $35
Pieces, $29

If you have ever nursed a baby, you already know that your wardrobe revolves around nursing.  These are some keys items that have helped me.  Two piece outfits always work, and the wrap dress is very versatile for nursing.  So many companies make actual nursing tops now, making it even easier for mommies.  Here are a few of my favorites, along with the Boppy (which has been more than wonderful) a couple of trendy blankies and a chic nursing cover.

The Nursing Mother's Essentials

Items in this set:
DKNY dress, $193

Last but not least are the options for carrying your baby.  I love all of these stollers.  Stroller designs these days remind me of something the Jetson's had for their babies.  I also can not say enough about slings!  Caleb hated being in the stroller when he was first born, so I went everywhere with him in my little pouch.  He would be all snuggled and napping while I grocery shopped.  Now, I can still use it to do the hip carry.  He still prefers to be in his sling now and he is 9 months old. 

Chic Baby Carrier Options

Items in this set:
GAP, $1,200
GAP, $580


Adriane said...

My neighbor/friend thanks you very much for these! This is her first baby and since my youngest is 8 I have no idea what is out there anylonger.
P.S. Say hello to fort Benning for me, wish I was back there!

Anonymous said...

lol! I love my sling! I carried my son in it everywhere, and will again with this baby.

Funny story, Jacob was 3 months when my brother did his swearing in for the AF. Jake was asleep and snoring in his sling, and the LT doing the swearing in kept stopping. Finally he asked if anyone else heard a noise, which turned out to be Jake! He thought I was carrying a purse, not a baby! lol

Aimee Mayer said...

I'm hoping to get a sling (or money for one) for Zay - I have a nice stroller (and car seat for $70, used!) that I would probably use for the longer out and about trips, but a sling would be easier to deal with than unloading the stroller, unfolding it, setting it to the right incline, putting Zay in, blankets, bear, whatever...