Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just a lil happy 7 month old :)
LOVES to be outside!

Shirt is a little too big, but I like his missing hand look

He is looking at a flower that his daddy was holding up for him
Trying to get away from the bear!

This is the first time in all of our bear photoshoots that he seemed a little unsure about Mr. Bear. He is checking him out in this picture.

That's right... my little baby doll is SEVEN months old! I truly truly do not know where his little life is is passing before my very eyes, but we are having so much fun with him. At his 6 month check up he weighed in at 16.8 lb and is 26" long. Right in the 50% for his age. He learned how to blow spit bubbles, which is very cute to watch. He isn't into the traditional style of crawling but he has figured out how to use his tippy toes to inch his way around- very funny to watch too! He laughs a lot now, even though he doesn't smile that much for pictures (like most kiddos, pictures aren't his favorite thing on the menu). Here are his 7 month photoshoot pictures!


JG said...

What a handsome boy! :)

LeliaMae said...

You are the prettiest thing I never get to see. didn't call me back yesterday. I missin' you!!!