Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I just can't stop!!!

Making baby pants!!! I love making baby pants. Love Luv Love making baby pants. I might be a bit addicted, but Seth says I am addicted to yard sale-ing too, so not all addictions are bad :) Here are my two new fav's.

Yes, poor Caleb is my model. . .no one knows though except for you guys. I keep him anonymous ;)
These are reversible pants. You can wear the flower on the front or the bum!

We also finally got our patio furniture. We decided to get a smaller set so that we could use the leftover money to buy Caleb's highchair. . .of which he luvs! The best part is that the highchair was $35. It is the new Costco flat fold highchair. I have only been able to find it at Target around here. He is a baby eating machine now. . .well at least bananas. I think everything will have to include bananas for a while. Nana-cado (avocado + banana) Bapple (banana + apple), Cabana (carrot +banana, okay, maybe we won't try that one!) AND did I tell you that this boy will not eat baby food from a jar??? Yepp, fresh and homemade will only suffice for this el natural kiddo. He is a particular little fellow, but golly ain't he cute???

I don't know if he likes eating food or his new highchair more ;)


Lisa and Josh said...

So jealous of your patio furniture! It looks great!

MG said...

Those pants are too cute!

Ashley Lauren said...

The pants and the patio set are super cute!