Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sick and Busy. . .Busy and Sick

Guess what I have been lately? You guessed it. . .sick and busy. The busy part is pretty much over, but the sick part isn't. I am just waiting for my fever to go back up. Right now I am all hot and clammy because my fever is down. Oh what a world.

This is an example of what I made them, except they said
things like "Mr., Mrs., Maid of Honor, etc"

On the other hand, I had a pretty big order of
mugs to ship this week. I was so excited to do this
order because it was for a wedding. When my sister
got married I gave her a shower and made mugs for
all the girls as shower favors. The girl that ordered
these particular mugs wanted them for her wedding
party. A very fun order to make. And if you are
wondering what the cute little orange things are on
the box, they are Caleb's cute little bootie rattles.
My friend Stefanie bought them for him and I tried
them out this week. He loves them!

Here is my cute little baby bear. I found this outfit
on ebay and it is my all time favorite. It is "le top"
brand and I believe I paid 99 cents + shipping for it.

Yepp, it's teething time.

LOVES eating his clothes.

Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby, especially when
it's your baby :)Don't you just love when they sleep with
their little hiney in the air?

I love this one.

My shop and blog changes are coming soon!
I can barely wait to share them with you all :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my baby, my baby, my baby!!! Oh..... , and you too Kathlyn. These are just too cute. I just want to give him smooshie kisses and more smooshie kisses. I showed him off at the family reunion today. Sorry you are sick. Love.

Mommy and Constance said...

YAY for being busy!! BOO for being sick! & CUTE OUTFIT!! Don't you LOVE GREAT deals on ebay?!

Aimee Mayer said...

That last picture is my favorite!