Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Okay, so we may not be balla's but we did have fun at the Regimental ball Friday. Here are a few pics!

We had a ceremony for the ladies called the "yellow garter ceremony" where we all received yellow garters from our soldiers. They said it was a very old tradition that had been forgotten about. It was pretty special I must say.

All of us ladies.


Aimee Mayer said...

your dress is beautiful - as you always are! :)

Lisa and Josh said...

Lookin good, mama! Gorgeous! I called you back...did you get my message? Sorry it was a long one! I would love to get together with you and your little man, problem is now that I have Carson, I don't know when??? If we could meet at a park on post maybe? I can't have you over here bc of ratio stuff (this Army daycare stuff is serious business)...I wish I could! But let's come up with a playdate somewhere...it's been way too long since I've seen you!

Mommy and Constance said...

you look GORGEOUS!!!! the garter thing looks like fun.

I'm quite jealous in my 5 years with the military I never got to go to a ball.