Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 month photo shoot. I really can not believe he is already 3 months!

"Ahhhh! Cover your eyes, this is gonna be scary!!!"

Seth's motto for Caleb, haha ;)

already studying ;)

I sat Caleb down yesterday so I could stick something in the oven and I came back to find him like this

paula and percy peacock framed prints

turquoise tea mugs

peacock tea cup!

Caleb went for his 2 month check up 2 weeks ago (so really he was 2 1/2 months). He only cried a little bit when he got his shots, but he kept a fever for 5 days! He weighed 12lb 10oz. What a chunker! We spent the last two weeks visiting family for my sisters wedding. I will post wedding pictures later, I think I have posted enough pics for one post! I have been busy doing my percy and paula peacock mugs and prints. I put my latest creations up there. Now I need to go wash dishes and clean off the stairs (do any of you guys' stairs get piled up with stuff that you are too lazy to take up? Mine always do!!! I am lazy.)

Anywho, this was your Wade update. Over and out!

P.s. Caleb also just found his hands. He is grabbing everything! I love to watch him play because he is actually interested in most of the toys we have been shoving in his face for several weeks. He just had to find those hands first :)

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