Monday, December 29, 2008

Wade family Christmas

This was my first year away from my immediate family for Christmas. I missed them very much, especially when I got on the phone with Cammy and she said they were all having a cookie party. However, even though I missed my family tremendously, Seth and I had a great time in Texas with his family. It was very special for all of us. Seth's oldest brother, Jonathan, is deploying so he won't be here next year for Christmas and it was also the first time in several years that they had all been together for Christmas. We had a great week! Thanks Sarah and Lee for giving up your Master bedroom and sleeping on the sofa bed all week. Baby Wade will thank you when he gets here too, lol. And thanks Honey and Pop, Hannah, and Lee and Sarah and girls and Sam for all the gifts for the baby and Seth and I. We are truly TRULY blessed :)

The Wade Family picture!

33 weeks pregnant.

One last picture with Sam before we head to the airport. We wanted to put him in our suitcase, lol.

The skinny girls and the not skinny girl. All the Wade women on our way to try and find Hannah a wedding dress!

The original Wade family. Jonathan (the one in the orange) is also in the army. He will be making his 3rd deployment to Iraq here shortly, so I snapped a picture of him with his family.

The Wade brothers. L to R: Jonathan, the oldest, Lee (or Nathaniel, he goes by both, yes he is a weirdo, hahaha) the middle, and my Sethy Poo the youngest and most handsome (hehehe).

Samuel on Christmas day. Everyone laughs because he looks so much like Seth did when he was a baby. He is a hoot though!

Seth and Diana and Maddy making a sandwich.

Lee (Seth's brother) and Seth swinging the girls on the trampoline.

Sarah (my sister in law) and Samuel, our cute nephew! I had to take a pic of them since they were all matchy matchy.

Seth and our niece, Diana.

Remember my box of lights and ornaments that got taken to the Goodwill? Well, my mom read my post about how I cried because I lost the ornament she gave Seth and I last year and I found these in the mailbox!!! This is the 2007 Hallmark ornament that I lost, plus another one. The toaster one is very funny because when we visited her at Thanksgiving, we told her how we had just about every cool appliance, including a blender, a food processor, a water boiler, etc. The only thing we don't have was a toaster, a simple little toaster! Now we have one, haha.

My parents also mailed us a Cutco knife! If you don't know what a Cutco knife is, let me just say that if you havent used one, you havent experienced a true knife. Last year they gave us the Cutco ice cream scoop. It is Seth's favorite kitchen tool. It will cute through any ice cream like it is butter! Thanks Mama and Daddy!


The Wades said...

Truly, we had so much fun with ya'll! We can't wait to see you again! ;)

Newmans Wildcats said...

Seths Family is beautiful! And his Bro will be in my thoughts and prayers. And I LOVE CUTCO!!!

Lisa and Josh said...

So glad to hear you had such a good Christmas!

Kelly said...

You look great!!