Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need a homemade cake?

If so, do not call me!!! I tried my best at duplicating the The Great American Cookie Company's cookie cake, but to my dismay, it looks nothing like what I wanted it to. The cookie didn't spread and bake like I had thought it would. Although it did taste pretty yummy (cookie + icing, what's to not taste good???):) I think Seth still had a good birthday despite the look of the cake, and for his present I framed all of his graduation diplomas, all 6 of them.

32 weeks prego! My back is killing me. I limp everywhere. I am just hoping that this intense, shooting pain will be on and off instead of just on like it has been for the past two days. Seth is wondering how I am going to be able to walk around in a store with him. Forget the store, I am still trying to just make it around the kitchen long enough to make dinner. I think I need a cane!!!

Self portrait. Trying to get a close up of me and the belly, but it is pretty difficult, even with my long arms! Don't you just love the paper towel background though?


Anonymous said...

I love the self portrait with the paper towel background! It is awesome. You look beautiful with that wonderful prego glow!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Find an indoor pool. I can't say how much that helped all summer long with my back and Summer in my belly!

Lisa and Josh said...

Awww...back pain...I remember it all too well! It was horrible! You look gorgeous, though, and you're almost there...hang in there!!!