Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Miss Debbie

Last night, I decided I wanted a Little Debbie cake. We stopped at the gas station right around the corner of where we live, but I was skeptical as to whether they would have Little Debbie's. Seth said, "Kathlyn, every gas station has Little Miss Debbie's!" Hahahaha. Little MISS Debbie. I informed him that he added the Miss in the name himself, he looked surprised that it wasn't called "Little Miss Debbie". Although, he kept saying it by accident. I think he has called it that so long that he'll forever call it that!

He also says, "Chicken-fil-a" instead of "Chik-fil-a", which drives his sister absolutely CRAZY! And he calls Graco, Gracko (as in rhymes with Whacko). I can't get him to stop that one either.

I hope he doesn't stop saying things wrong though. It is way too much fun making fun of him! Of course, I am only getting him back for making fun of me because of my lack of knowledge when it comes military lingo, whatevvvv.

I dated a guy in college whose mom called Splenda "Splendra" no matter how many times she was told that it wasn't Splendra. She also said moderen instead of modern(she added an extra syllable!)

Any of you guys say anything funny, or know anyone who does??? I would love to know your stories!


The Wades said...

That is so funny!!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Erich use to call McDonalds, "Old Mc Donalds"

Newmans Wildcats said...

Oh yea and my friend, Debbie use to say...Big Debbie is gonna eat a Little Debbie. I use to think that was so funny!

And Mike said that Erich STILL says "old mcdonalds"

Richard Hull said...

Where I live we say everything funny. We don't wash clothes, we "warsh" them. We don't say "like that", we say "like at." We aren't illerate, it's just that our county used to be a lot more rural and agricultural then it is now. Of course, most who have moved here the last 10 or so years don't use our old county dialects.

Great Blog!


Lisa and Josh said...

At the playgroup I went to last Weds., one of the little boys called Chick-fil-a "Chick-il-a"...he leaves out the "f". It was too cute. Oh, and my brother-in-law thought the song "I believe in Miracles" was "I believe in Malco". He thought Malco was someone's name. I still laugh about that whenever I hear that song!

Hollie said...

The pharmacy in my town has a sales clerk that always asks if your purchase will be credick (credit) or debick (debit)!!! hahahahaa
is that hilarious or what?!