Monday, December 1, 2008

In case the post below is overwhelming. . .

May I suggest to not leave for an 8 hour trip at 5:00 pm in the winter. We spent the entire drive to Virginia in a dark, cold car (cold because Seth was burning up and driving and couldn't manage to get his hoodie off of his head while doing so, hence Kathlyn's cold feet!) At the next rest stop, the hoodie came off and Kathlyn was cozy again. If I had only remembered to actually put the newly washed blanket and pillow in the car with me!
We finally made the 8 hour trip in 9 (thank you pregnant Kathlyn). We got to my parents house a little before 2am, snuck up the stairs and fell asleep before our heads even hit a pillow. The next morning, I woke up, put on my "Coming this winter" Old Navy shirt and headed downstairs to where the rest of my family was getting the house ready for the shower. After seeing pics on my blog and hearing my stories about the doctor getting on me for my weight, I think they were surprised to not find me wobbling and huffing and puffing as I cam around the corner. My sister still can't grasp that my belly is growing. I am thinking that her idea to adopt all of her children might just be a great one. And side note, later in the week, I wore a blue turtleneck, of which Seth said I kinda reminded him of Violet from Willy Wonka who ate the everlasting gobstopper and blew up like a blueberry and had to be rolled out. Thanks Seth, what a compliment.
My feet swelled for the first time since being with child. It scared Seth and made me cry until my mom convinced me that it was normal and would probably only be getting worse.
About 15 minutes before we walked out of the door for Virginia, my doctor called me to inform me that my glucose test didn't go so hot and that I should lay off of the sugar until I got back from Thanksgiving and could go for the 3 hour glucose test. Great news, right? The only thing I requested was chocolate pie!!! Well, I still ate some and now I am gearing up for a miserable morning of hunger on Friday since this test is 3 hours long and I can't eat for about 16 hours straight.
The rest of the week was great. The shower was more than I thought it was going to be. My mom went all out and it was sad when everyone left and we had to put the food away and take down the decorations.
Thanksgiving was delicious. Seth got his fair share of mac and cheese and I loved all of the food. We also had a baby belly photo shoot, of which I will be posting the pics soon. My mom took them and they turned out better than I even expected, except for my fat face (of which had nothing to do with the photographer or her camera!) Oh well, fat face is well worth it to have a baby :)
Leaving to go home was so sad. I moped the whole way home, until Seth stopped for Starbucks and took me into a Marshalls where we found a Boppy for $20!!! Well worth the stop :)
We made it home and I am still tired and wishing I could be back in Virginia, laying on my parents couch, eating homemade dinner that I didn't have to cook and watching TV while we make fun of each other. Oh well, when the baby comes it will be even more fun! Plus my parents are planning on coming in January and I say "pretty please with a cherry on top" to them not changing their minds. Of course when I told Cameron to say "pretty please with a cherry on top" she said, "but will you eat my cherry, I don't like it" :) Gotta love her.


Newmans Wildcats said...

I'm with Cameron, I don't like cherries either.

THE WADE'S said...

Glad to see your Thanksgiving and Baby Shower were great!! Sounds like Seth gives compliments like Lee gives compliments (you can't hardly stand them, lol!) See you soon!!

Lisa and Josh said...

So glad to hear the baby shower went so well! Let me know how the glucose test goes...I will be praying for you!