Monday, November 10, 2008

Learning new things every day

I have a friend here who is about 10 weeks behind me in her pregnancy. This will be her second child and she is having a boy as well. We are so excited to have met each other and be able to have babies so close in age. Her little girl says that they will be twins, lol. Today, she came over so we could chit chat. I made pumpkin bread and a great new dip from a Tastefully Simple mix I bought at the arts and crafts fair when I was with another friend on Saturday. I had a lot of fun today eating and talking and eating and talking. My friend went to eat her pumpkin bread and figured out the amount of carbohydrates in it before she ate it. Is she on some kind of super diet, is she rude, what??? None of the above. She has stage 1diabetes. Her insulin pump has to be adjusted daily depending on how many carbs she eats. She also has to take the needle out of her skin every two days and place the needle in a different area of her body. This also means that the catheter has to come out each time as well and be reinserted with a needle each time. She said that is the part that hurts the most, but she gets used to is. Because she is expecting, it is important for her to pay close attention to her diabetes and the best way she does this is by having the pump. I have never thought much about diabetes, but after seeing my friend today and hearing what she has to do everyday to stay healthy, I am ashamed at how I take my good health for granted. I get annoyed when I have to shave my legs, much less having to keep up with an insulin pump. My thoughts go out to all of you who have diabetes. I now have a better understanding and compassion for those who have this disease and I hope one day a cure can be found. As for me, I will thank God an extra time today for blessing me with good health. He is so good to me, much better than I deserve.

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Newmans Wildcats said...

I'm with you on the "being ashamed". I too take my body for granted. But in time, I'm sure something will catch up and smack me back down to earth.