Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Halloweeny fun for all :)

I hope your kiddo's get more than poor Charlie Brown gets every year! (For those of you who didn't watch the Charlie Brown Halloween show, everytime he knocks on the door to trick or treat all of his friends get great candy and he gets a rock, it really is one of the funniest parts!)

Try this little pumpkin simulator. Very cool for a Halloween day :) I hope everyone gets sick from eating too much candy tonight and that you all have fun dressing up. I have my Halloween shirt on from last year, but it barely comes past my belly button! I have a long sleeve shirt underneath, but last year I wore it regular. You would never have known that just 12 months ago my shirt actually fit. Oh well, my skeleton earrings still work just fine, no adjustments needed! HAPPY HALLOWEENY EVERYONE!!!


THE WADE'S said...

Well, 12 months ago your shirt fit, but then again you weren't GROWING A PERSON INSIDE YOU!! LOL
Anyway, hope ya'll have a great day, the girls are sooooo excited about tonight....I just hope they bring home some good candy ;)

Newmans Wildcats said...

All I got was a rock!!! Classic!

Hannah said...

I just finished making my costume...I think its gonna be pretty cute! I am going to have to tie it on me though because I made it a little to big lol and I dont want to try and fix it and run the risk of making it too small so I decided Im gonna cut down the side and then cut strips and tie it on and just wear black underneath..I think it will still be way cute...and I made a belt out of the material as well like you suggested..I am about to go to walmart and grab my bone! LOL Miss you and have a great halloween!