Monday, September 15, 2008

What's it gonna be???

The results for the baby bedding poll are in!

Girls- Out of 21 votes, 7 of you voted for the black and white bedding, making it the top choice!
Boys- Out of 21 votes, 7 of you voted for ABC bedding, making it the top choice!
Thanks guys for the help. I think you have great fashion sense :)

Now the next poll will be super fun for me. Next Friday, the 26th, we will hopefully find out what this little munchkin is! Kudos to Joey and Lisa for waiting their entire pregnancy, I just don't think I can wait that long. I figure that if God would like us to know, then he will have that little baby bottom in the right spot :) If not, I guess we will have a surprise!

I will give you a little background on our families gender records (in order of birth):
My Nanny(mom's mom), mom, and aunt- 2 girls then a boy
My Grandma(dads mom)- girl boy girl boy
Seth's mom- 3 boys and a girl
Seth's brother- Girl, boy, girl
Seth's other brother- Two girls, boy
I am not sure if that means anything or helps, but it is an FYI
So, please vote on what you think we will be having. We are REALLY excited!!!


Lisa and Josh said...

How exciting! Can't wait to hear the news on what you're having!

Newmans Wildcats said...

I can't wait to find either!!!

THE WADE'S said...

Ok, I already voted, but I just have to say that Lee and Seth are so much alike, it has got to be a girl! Either way, though, I am super excited and marked it on my calendar!!