Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm back!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry for going MIA, but we were visiting our hometown and we had such a great time!!! It was really hard to get back in the car and pack up, but Seth decided he probably shouldn't go AWOL either, although it was tempting, haha. So here are a few pictures, most are from our day spent with little Cammy because I kept forgetting to take the camera out the rest of the time.

Does that headband look familiar?

Seth and Cammy

The hot shades I made Seth buy, they were only $3!!! I might like them more than he does though :)

My sister-in-law Hannah banana!

Cammy going down the slide at the Liberty football game

Posing for a quick game pic

We visited my brothers dorm room. This was definitely a typical guys dorm. No decorations and no organization! Made me miss dorm life :)

Seth and Cammy being silly. I love this picture!


Hannah said...

AH I love all the pictures! :-) It was fun getting to see both seth and you!! Cant wait till y'all come back! Love and miss u!

Newmans Wildcats said...

I love the photo too of Cammy and Seth too!

Lisa and Josh said...

I love all the pics, and Cammy's headband is WAY cute! Glad to hear you had a good time back home!

Thanks for your message today...I was at work when you called. Tomorrow is the big day although we don't have a time yet. We truly appreciate your offer, and if we need anything I will definitely call you! Right now your prayers are all we need! Yikes, I am nervous! I will call as soon as I am able (or will have Josh call) so you know all about Bib! Thanks so much, Kathlyn! Hope you and your little one are doing good too! :-)