Sunday, September 7, 2008

bebe bedding. . . why are there so many to choose from???

This is for my mother in law who was nice to ask about what bedding ideas I had in mind (she has seen some cute things and didn't know whether to get them or not). I was going to e-mail her, but then I decided I would share with all and get your vote. I named then all and I am putting up two polls: one girl and one boy, so please let me know what you think!

Black and White

This is for either boy or girl. I like it because I can get colored sheets and switch the look up if I get tired of it by adding other colors around the room. Plus I have always had a thing for black and white!


This one I am unsure about. I like the bright colors, and I would use it for a girl, but something is "ify" about it.


One of my very favorite girl pics. It is called Arabesque. I just really like it!


What's not to like about this? Boy blue and ABC's. Classic.

Pink Twiggy Trees

I just like this one. It is modern but still really girly, and I just like it.

Shabby Chic

This one is Shabby Chic. I have always liked shabby chic decorating, but now days I lean more towards modern. This is so pretty though, I had to put it on my list, even if the rest of my house isn't shabby chic.


This one is really cute. I like the modern animals, and it is obviously for a boy.


This one could go either way (I picked this out when I didn't know if I was going to find out what we were having) but I think I would use it more for a boy. I think it looks really retro and I like that there is no theme to it, besides circles and dots.


Kelly said...

My sister in law has the dots, and it's really, really cute. I also really like the 2nd one you had, the colorful one, and I think it could also go either way. I'm a big fan of gender neutral stuff, so that I can use it again without it looking funny. Then again, Xander loves pink, so he wouldn't mind if I used some pink sheets for him! I love the black and white - but for grownups. I like baby styles for babies. Plus, I hate to think of spit up on that pretty print! Or poop. Because some diapers will just explode. See, that would blend better with dots!

Newmans Wildcats said...

Your right. There are too many choices. I love them all, but I voted for my picks.

Anonymous said...

I love twiggy trees, ABC's and I looooove the dots. I actually bought that blanket not too long ago for a baby shower. I'm in love with it. You are so adorable and I still can't believe you are with child. You have to come visit soon so that we can shower you with gifts. I love you Kathlyn and I hope to see you very soon.

Hannah said...

hey just looking at your poll and the direction things are and white is cute...but remember, babies need bright colors to stimulate their brains and functions! So make sure you do something of that nature! :)