Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Feaster!!!

The "Feaster" guys

Well, I call it Easter, however my husbands friend who is also in the Army corrected me and told me it was indeed "Feaster." After I thought about it, it made complete sense. How many of you had a huge feast yesterday? :) Although feasting is not the meaning of Easter, it is a great plus. This was the first Easter that I didn't have a "feast." My family is in Virginia and my husband and I are here, in Georgia. We actually went to Panera, weird right? It made for a very unique and memorable day though. After Panera, we went to "Feaster" at my husbands friends apartment. It was a beautiful day! The pollen was terrible and half of my face felt like a brick was sitting on it, but even with that it was a perfect Easter Sunday. The guys made BBQ chicken and had other food. Later we went to base and did our laundry and I looked around at all of the other soldiers who weren't able to spend Easter with their families either. It was so sad. But thats part of the sacrifice all these guys make for America, no "thank you" could suffice. When I sat in church yesterday it was great to be reminded of what Jesus did for us. I can't even imagine the pain Jesus went through for all of us and when I think about it I am overwhelmed with gratitude. As soldiers give their lives for our freedom, God gave His son and Jesus gave His life so all of us could be free of our sins. I hope you all had a great feast... I mean, Easter.

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Kristen & Cliff said...

Thanks!! It is amazing what being the military does to your perspective on life! I miss Cliff like CRAZY and we are only one of thousands....
Thanks Kat!